Origin of The Nicest Masshole

A couple weeks after I made the move across country I was talking to one of my girlfriends about pretty much everything that had been happening in my life – which was actually pretty boring. Well, as boring as moving can be. Unpacking, binge watching Game of Thrones, job searching, trying to figure out the T, getting parking tickets, getting lost with Mika, etc. I guess that isn’t that boring but that is besides the point.

Anywho. In between couch sitting and getting pulled around by Mika (yes, she is one and is still learning manners on the leash. #husky), I did venture into the city for a few activities; i.e. shopping, walking tour, beer, shopping, beer…you get the jist. As amazing as it was, it was still a bit strange to think that this was my new home. New roommate, new puppy friend for Mika, new license plates, new cottage cheese brands, a WHOLE new way of driving, hoping for a new job. Everything was new. But it was also exciting!

My roommate was super awesome and invited me to things with her friends and eventually we decided to go to a Wild/Bruins hockey game. More or less there was no way I was going to miss it so I made her go with me. On our way to The Garden, we were joking with the Uber driver about how although I was way too nice, I was becoming a Masshole.

Urban Dictionary defines masshole as, “An adjective, typically used to describe a rude or discourteous person, most commonly in conjunction with the operation of a motor vehicle”.

Or, “Massachusetts + Asshole = Masshole”.

At first I denied it. Like hardcore denied it. Until I was driving the next day and realized I had definitely taken on SOME of the characteristics. So in true Bry fashion, I complained to my roommate about how bad I felt about being mean to people that I didn’t even know.

And so “The Nicest Masshole” began.