The Vikings and the 730 Tavern

Now that I have had a couple of days to mourn the tragedy that was Sunday night football, I would like to share a story with you. One that really emphasizes the fact that I am the nicest masshole.

Sunday, January 21st began as a wonderful mild winter day in the great city of Brighton, MA. Mika and I slept until about 8:30 (after her usual morning wake up call at 6:23). We gradually got up, did some easy cleaning/organization, sent a few emails, cuddled a bit, had some tea, ya know, a great Sunday morning. My new friend Liz and I planned to get brunch, then do my hair, then go watch the Vikings game (even though she is a Pats fan – EWW). Brunch was FABULOUS! We met at the Brighton Bogeda and gulped down some bloody mary’s while catching up on the ridiculousness that is our lives. Lots of laughs, of course. The food was amazing. The drinks were strong. It was a great start to the rest of our day.

Stuffed like turkey’s (we are both vegetarians so this is funny to us), we stopped at the liquor store to grab a few brews before heading back to my place to do my hair. MAN DID MY HAIR TURN OUT AWESOME! If you don’t know me, I have been obsessed with silver hair and finally took the plunge. My stylist at Blondie Salon (Jo) is AH-mazing but was booked up before I could make an appointment so I thought I could just grab some silver dye off Amazon – after a lot of research, I found a product with many, many positive reviews and bought a couple tubes. SO we dyed my hair. And it is freaking awesome.

Ok – now comes the not so great part of the story. Liz and I found out that there is a Vikings bar in Cambridge which isn’t too far from my house. So we grabbed an Uber and headed to the 730 Tavern and Kitchen for the game. I had my Jared Allen jersey on, purple lips, we were both wearing purple and gold star stickers by our eyes, the whole shebang. We found a table to join (thanks to Liz’s t-shirt) and camped out there for the game. The first three minutes were so great…then my team decided to stop playing professional football (still love you, Vikings!). There were a bunch of Eagles fans at the table next to us who would cheer when they scored but were quite polite (they were ladies) knowing that the whole bar was full of Vikings fans.


Queue the asshat – who was a PATRIOTS fan. The dude was ridiculous. He would SCREAM at every play, laugh (extra loud) when the Vikings didn’t make a great play, just anything that would piss off everyone around him. #attentionwhore And guys, he wasn’t even that cute. So, I took it upon myself to strike up a conversation. Weird.

That went south real quick. I started joking with him about how he should want the Vikings to win and the only thing he could say was that the Vikings suck too much to play in the Super Bowl. And that Minneapolis shouldn’t have gotten the bid to host. It was just insane how rude this guy got. All I wanted to do was punch him in the face. No joke. But instead I took the route of telling him that he was being a jerk and that he really needs to work on being a better fan. WTF (where the f***) did that come from? Definitely not the beer I was drinking. Everyone around me thought that I was going to start screaming….and I didn’t. So as he tried to continue arguing with me, I told him that he needed to cool it and turned around to watch the rest of the game. Super lame ending to this awfully dramatic story. Regardless, he continued to be an asshole and many other people did begin the screaming, and flicking off, and minor shoving.

And this is why I am still the Nicest Masshole.