Most Minnesotan EVAH

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a pretty friendly person. I can typically have a conversation with anyone, at any time. Let me give you an example – which an airport bartender coined as the “most minnesotan thing evah”.

My cousin got married on Saturday (April 7th) so I headed back to Minnesota for the weekend. At Boston Logan, my friendly neighborhood airport, Sun Country flies out and comes in to pretty much the same gate for their MN flights. I’ve made the trip enough times to know that at Terminal C, at the end of the hall that gate H1 is in, there is a Sam Adams mini bar – four draft beers and some hard liquor for those you who don’t like beer. It is so small they don’t even have glass cup, they are plastic. And there is no water pump so the drinking fountain is where you are sent if you want water.

My flight was at 9:00PM so I naturally had a hard cider (actually two) before getting dropped off at the airport. When I got to the airport I made my way through security and down to the friendly bar. I had a beer and a great conversation with the bartender. His name is Dom and he has worked at the airport for a little over a year – he also has opened a couple other bars similar to this in other places. Loves the job but is also an apprentice at a tattoo shop. How cool!

Then this guy walks up (his name is Nick) and pulls out his ID. I freak out in my mildly buzzed state because, HELLO, he is from MN! He kindly/sarcastically states, “this IS the only flight leaving this gate this late”. DUH BRY.

THEN another guys walks up who has clearly had a day – and is pretty drunk. He lost his suitcase, like outside of the airport, like it is gone. He is also from Minnesota, of course, and we all three start chatting.

A third guy walks up. We start chatting.

Pretty soon it is time to board and we are all chugging what is left of our drink. As we are getting ready to leave, Dom (the bartender) looks at us all and in the MOST BOSTONIAN ACCENT I HAVE EVER HEARD says, “this is the most Minnesotan thing I have evah seen!” We all looked at each other and died laughing because it was so true! There is definitely this thing about us Minnesotans, and midwesterners, that make us want to chat. Or just be friendly.

I’ve written about it before but I had officially hit the six month mark of living in Boston and for some reason it seemed as though I needed a healthy does of Minnie in my life.

Three Minnesotans and the Nicest Masshole. Should be a movie.

To make it even better – the first guy, Nick, and I sat next to each other on the plane and talked the whole flight. While drinking. THE WHOLE FLIGHT. Needless to say, I was real chatty when Papa Shabs picked me up at 11:30PM.