The Nicest Masshole Goes to Maine!

One of the really great things about living in the North East is the proximity of all these new states/cities/places. Being in the Midwest, where the closest “new” city to me was in Wisconsin, was quite boring! But here I can easily get to Rhode Island, New York, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Which is pretty amazing and something that I do not plan to take for granted!

This past weekend, my friend Courtney and I decided to plan a little day trip to York, Maine. A little coastal town.


*Side story*

Courtney and I met at the Red Sox game on may 28th. I was there for a little birthday fun with Smash, Britt and Liz and this cute girl and her cute boyfriend were sitting behind us. Everyone else went to get snacks/beer (I was double fisting so didn’t need another yet) and all of the sudden this stranger was complimenting and touching my hair – asking where I got it done. Turns out Courtney had moved to Boston in February from Arizona – another transplant! So naturally we bonded over that and my awesome hair and decided to exchange numbers.

*Side story over*

York is a pretty small town but is right on the water so many people go there for vacation. It is about an hour twenty minutes north of where I live in Mass. I looked up the best place to eat, of course, and we decided on this place call the 1637 at the York Harbor Inn. This place was ADORABLE and decorated/shaped like an old boat. It is right on the water so we were able to look out and see that. SO cute. We got a couple adult bevies and shared some guac. We wandered around a little nit on the beach right across the street – mind you it will pretty windy and chilly, but still amazing.

From there we drove up to the lighthouse. We could get to the actual lighthouse but here I learned about Courtney’s irrational fear of birds – and all animals. She compared a seagull to an eagle and was convinced she was going to get attacked. It never happened. Although I think that would have been hilarious.


Once you get into the “downtown” part of York, there are a bunch of cute little shops. I put downtown in quotes because it is tiny. However, they have a bowling alley and arcade, called Fun O Rama, right on the sand and a bunch of super cute little shops. We stopped in the candy store, naturally, and I got some salt water taffy, naturally. York also has a Zoo and Amusement Park.

WE THOUGHT WE WERE IN A HORROR MOVIE. No joke. Because it was pretty gloomy, this “fun park” wasn’t open. And to get to the zoo you had to walk through this “fun park”. You know how in horror movies you see an abandoned park with rides that are as old as your great grandma and would probably fall apart if you got on them and that have the creepiest characters/paintings? Yeah, that was this place. Oh, and there was faint music playing from one crappy speaker in the distance. AND animals screeching since the zoo is practically attached to this “fun park”. It was honestly terrifying.

We made it through without getting murdered and ended up sneaking into the zoo – which had a lot of animals. Lots of baby goats, monkeys, ducks, deer that you could feed, a tiger and a lion. It was pretty legit. The only thing – these poor animals had NO SPACE at all. I wanted to let them all out and save them.

Over all it was an awesome little day trip! I love that I can do these things and explore the northeast since I haven’t had a chance to until now. There are a few more cities in Maine that I want to explore – and of course Hew Hampshire and Vermont too. This whole idea of one new state or country every year bullet on my bucket list is getting easier and easier to accomplish.

From the always moving Nicest Masshole.