Do We Really Matter?

I have been struggling today.

I have actually been struggling for a couple of days but with the announcement that the stimulus package was agreed upon and will be sent to congress for the votes, I fell down the rabbit hole of researching if it will really be enough to “save” people and small businesses. This $2 trillion that will put the United States in even more debt than we are already in won’t be enough. There is no way. To top that off, the person who was voted in to run this country (not by popular vote, remember) actually believes that your grandma and best friend who lives down the street are less important than bailing out the stock markets/returning to business as usual.

Could you imagine what would happen if he and the whole group of the top wealthiest people in the US donated just 1% of their net worth? Just one drop in their ocean of wealth?

According to the Federal Reserve, the wealth of the top 1% of people in the United states is about to surpass the TOTAL wealth of all people in the middle- and lower-class. What is more disturbing is that if you add the people who are in the 90-99% (so those who are in the 2-10% wealthiest bracket, almost as wealthy as the 1%), you are looking at an even bigger gap. Image below for reference since it is kind of hard to explain.

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 1.28.43 PMSource: Federal Reserve

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? I mean, seriously? Are you fucking kidding me? I am going to ignore those in the 90-99% for a minute and focus on the 1%. Us peasants, who work our asses off to help the rich get richer, the banks get more bonuses, and the corporations pay less (or nothing) in taxes are now in the minority of the US.

According to the chart above – in Q4 of 2019, the top 1% totaled around $38.8 trillion. and the top 2-10% were worth $41.69 trillion. That means that 10% of the people in the United states are worth $80.49 TRILLION dollars. If these 10% of people, who have more money than they will ever be able to spend, donated 1%, that is almost $800 billion dollars. If they made it 2%, they would hit over $1.5 trillion – which is what the senate wanted in the first round of stimulus package.

Imagine that.

The amount of greed in this country has me concerned for humanity. It has me thinking about how much better this world would be if that instead of the Holocaust survivor that passed away because of COVID-19, it was someone in the White House. THIS IS NOT ME. If you’ve read my other blogs or if you know me, this is not me. It hurts my heart and soul to be this honest because I have worked so hard to want the best for every single person.

Beyond the greed, I am struggling to understand and respect my family and friends who support Trump and his antics. He doesn’t care about you. He literally doesn’t care about you.

You want to know how I know that? Because you are not in the top 10%. You also might be LGBTQ or support those who are. You might be a woman who has an opinion or calls out those who have raped you. You might not want your “pussy grabbed”. You may be a feminist or fight for those who do call out abusers (males or female). You might not want your “pussy grabbed”. You definitely think that a woman should be able to make decisions about her own body. Oh, and you probably think that it would be great if the whole country had healthcare that didn’t bankrupt them.

Get my point? You don’t matter. Stop thinking you do.