Is this Acutally Groundhogs Day?

I honestly don’t even know where to start – every single day has felt like Groundhogs Day – the movie, not the actual day. March 12th we had a mandatory work from home day to test the systems in place in case of a WFH order because of COVID. Since that day, I have been in my office one time. It was the Tuesday after and the whole of Downtown Crossing in Boston was a ghost town. It was the strangest, most beautiful thing I had seen in quite some time. 

For those of you who think COVID is a joke, I ask kindly that you trade places with every single person that has lost someone because of it and just keep your mouth shut about how much pain they and their loved ones have suffered. For those of you who are questioning why the news has “fake stories” about the severity because there are nurses being laid off, I kindly ask you get your head out of your ass and understand that in order for hospitals to have enough equipment, it needs to be produced and purchased. And in order for it to be purchased without the hospital going under, the companies who produce it need to charge a rate that is manageable for the hospitals. And the companies/investors who own these production companies/trademarks to the equipment are fucking awful, greedy, humans who would rather be billionaires than help the grater good of their society. 

SO – again – I ask that those of you who think that this whole thing is a joke, go fuck yourselves and take the place of the essential workers and those who have lost a loved one. Thanks. 

Today is a REALLY great day to not be an asshole.