Country Music is my Frenemy

While listening to the playlist, I got sad, angry, happy, hopeful, vindictive, etc. The amount of emotions that came through depending on the song were so real! Granted I had almost no sleep and lots of wine after eating just overnight oats and a wimpy salad all day so I may have been more emotionally charged than normal. But still! The stories that are told through these lyrics are just incredible.

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Dating in Boston – Part 2

Let me just start this blog off by saying that this has nothing to do with the men in Boston. This is everything that has to do with me and the work that I have done on myself in the last few years (minus some months). I shouldn’t have even titled it “Part 2”. #sorrynotsorry

Is sharing this scary?! I think yes. But being open to new things taught me that having a community around you makes going through things a little bit easier.

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My Ghosts

The Nicest Masshole goes very personal. Ladies – and possibly gents – this is a post for the ages. And one that I am sure MANY of you will be able to relate to.

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