Feels Like Home

Ya know when you move somewhere and it takes a while for it to feel like home? If you have, you’ll understand exactly what I am talking about. If not, I will try to explain it really well.

With any change, there is this period of adjustment – some are very simple and some take a much longer. Moving to Brighton was definitely one of those periods that took longer than I expected. As I mentioned before, I have wanted to move to Boston for a long time. My oldest friend has lived on the East Coast since we were 10 and every time I came out here, I fell in love with the city all over again. It reminded me of England (DUH) which I considered my second home for a total of almost two years – and a place I still miss everyday.  Moving here was something I put off because of #life and finally just sucked it up and made the move.

When I arrived, it was more surreal than anything – like it was just a place I was visiting for a while. I honestly didn’t even give myself much time to think about it because I decided to move mid-August and was on the road less than six weeks later. Going from living on my own, with ALL of my own things to living in a new city with a roommate was a transition in itself. Add on a whole new state and makes it an even stranger feeling. My room has all of my stuff in it but the rest of the house was pretty much furnished and full of things since my roomie has lived there for a few years.

And it did not feel like home at all.

What a terrible feeling. I started my job three weeks after I moved, I was going to personal training, I was seeing Jenny and Chris on a regular basis – I had a routine but it still didn’t feel like home. I was living in someone else’s house. I was confined to my room because in there I didn’t have to worry about how my roommate felt if I left a pair of shoes on the floor. It was a sucky feeling, honestly.

Then I had a dream. (Yes I know how dumb that sounds. Haha.) It was the night before Jenny and I went to the Boston Opera House to see Wizard of Oz. I was packing up all my stuff ready to head back to Minnesota. It was almost time for me to leave and I was sitting in the bed of a truck with all of my stuff and just started crying. I remember feeling extremely sad that I was leaving Boston and that I called my mom and said that I wasn’t going to move home. All I remember of the conversation was her saying in a very lovingly tone, “I knew you wouldn’t”. I can’t tell you how relieved I felt when I woke up in the morning. It was like this was FINALLY my life and I was really meant to be here.

Sure, there are still times that I wish I could go see my family or meet my friends for wine, but I am building a life here. And a really good one. I love the city, I love exploring all Boston has to offer, I love being close to my BFF, I have met some FABULOUS people, I am closer to England (CHEAPER FLIGHTS) and I know that my fam and friends still love me. We’ve gotten to the age that even when we don’t talk for a few weeks and every time we do it feels like it was yesterday. Being an adult is tough – but there are definitely benefits.

I will always be a Minnesotan (hence staying the Nicest Masshole), but my heart now lies in Boston.